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Evobits Case Study – Business Chief Europe July Edition

Business Chief Europe is an innovative digital publication targeted to business executives throughout Europe and the last issued number features an interview with Silviu Catalin Balaci, the EvoBits IT’s CEO and one of Innova Engineering’s clients.

Evobits’ first data centre was initially constructed with reliability in mind. “We wanted to build it in the traditional sense, so we used old school but reliable cooling equipment. They don’t have the best power usage effectiveness (PUE), but they’re like tractors – they’re reliable workhorses”, Silviu explains.

As he states, while constructing the facility, the first of its kind in the country, Silviu faced undeniable challenges from the market in terms of finding the right partners. “I was just a relatively young guy with no credibility in the market saying, ‘I have a multimillion-dollar project. I want to build a cryptocurrency mining business, and I want to do a real data centre’. Nobody took me seriously.”

As a result, Evobits ended up partnering with a company unsuited to its needs. “It was a pretty bad experience for us”, Silviu recalls. “It’s the ugly part of starting a business in a new area you know little about. It was a growing experience”. From electrical panel overheat issues to poor after-sale support, Evobits was in dire need of a new partner to help ensure the project’s success.

This is when Evobits partnered with Innova Engineering and our team succeeded to recover from prior complications.

“From the start, it was a completely different attitude. Instead of talking to just the sales guy most of the time, the CEO came down and we had a proper discussion,” Silviu recalls. “Now every time we have an issue, they’re working with us to solve it. I am extremely lucky to have found Innova. I don’t think we could have done everything that we did without them”.

Now the data center guarantees on-time deployments and high uptime. The processing power is not lower when it is hot outside, the equipment is online for longer since they have a very low defect rate due to the fact that they keep all the machines running in ideal conditions.

The facilities are designed to handle up to 14KW per rack, but the real usage is around 10KW per rack. The power distribution did not present a challenge and it was implemented by our highly experienced engineers.

It is not that we want to brag, but Innova Engineering’s team managed to save the project and solve all the issues stemming from our competition. And the value is beyond comparison when the endorsement comes from our partners and clients.

About Evobits
EvoBits Information Technology SRL is a software consulting & development, high computing and a cryptocurrency mining provider based in Eastern Europe. With several facilities totalling 4.5MW, they are a rapidly growing company in this space.
“We like to say we offer a little bit of transparency in an opaque market”, says Silviu Catalin Balaci, CEO EvoBits IT.

Evobits creates different applications, mostly around Blockchain, such as e-commerce platforms, Cryptocurrency Merchant platforms, cryptocurrency trading software and mining-related software, AI processing and deep learning processing. They started with a 100kw proof-of-concept, then a 1MW test facility then moved to another 3.5MW second test and now they are looking at the mass deployment of over 12 MW.

Read more about the project in July’s edition of Business Chief Europe.

Vertiv and 451 Research: Report on 5G Preparedness and Technical Enablers

While the transitions from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4G were largely driven by consumer demand for more capable mobile data services, 5G topologies are a response to demand for enterprise functionality beyond broadband access to the internet.

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Innova Engineering @ Datacloud Global Congress 2019

Innova Engineering is delighted to attend Datacloud Global Congress 2019 in Monaco, the premier leadership summit for critical IT infrastructure. We are engaged in coming back to Romania with new partnerships boosting, even more, our leading position on the local market.

The annual forum in Monaco June 4-6 2019, for digital infrastructure, data center, cloud, Edge and hyperscale players, their customers and investors has been announced as a global event for 2019, reflecting delegate geographic growth from Asia and North America.

With this year’s tagline “Opening Minds. Closing Deals” expressing the core benefits of attending Datacloud Global Congress, our team will discover new ways of thinking about the challenges and opportunities ahead for infrastructure, technologies, future market trends, as well as engage in buying and selling services and products and leveraging new investment opportunities.


“We are honored to attend the most important summit in the data center infrastructure field together with senior level executives from all the major players on the market. It is a pleasure to get together with our current international partners and, at the same time, enjoying the opportunity of building new ones. As a leading company in the Romanian market, Innova Engineering’s goal is to support the local growth in the data center industry and keep the team always updated with the latest innovations worldwide”, said Walter COR HAGIGALINIS, General Manager of Innova Engineering.


The event is the global leader in attracting more than 2k senior datacentre, cloud, hyperscale, and Edge leaders and infrastructure executives, their customers, and investors in digital infrastructure – from more than 160 countries.

Datacloud Global Congress
Datacloud Global Congress is the flagship event of BroadGroup’s global event portfolio and is a recognized beacon of high-quality content, offering thought leadership across the entire IT infrastructure ecosystem. The conference has performed a critical role as an international networking and deal-making opportunity for key players across the sector. With a powerful agenda and set in the stunning backdrop of Monaco, it attracts senior executives in the global data center, cloud and Edge players, their investors, financiers, and enterprise customers who do deals that influence outcomes for the next 12 months and beyond.