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Cooling is effected when the server exhaust air flows through the heat exchanger in the rear door of the server cabinet. Thereby, the cooling air is moved through the heat exchanger by the server fans. Thus, Knürr DCD supports the cold room concept in which the warm exhaust air from servers is always led to a recooling device where it reduced to the temperature level of the server supply air. The supply air for cooling flows freely through the installation area. By omitting the otherwise necessary fans for room cooling, the cooling principle of Knürr DCD is particularly energy-efficient. Furthermore, the design of the air-water heat exchanger permits in increase in the chilled water supply temperature, which also adds to an improved energy balance and large shares of free or adiabatic cooling. All this yields a significantly improved PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). Due to low hydraulic pressure loss on the air side, the system suggests itself to suit a wide range of server types. Prior to using Knürr DCD, the system and servers must be checked whether they match hydraulically. In particular, it must be made sure that the pressure increase of the server fans is sufficient for the flow resistance of Knürr DCD. The low pressure loss on the water side minimizes the energy consumed by the pumps in the chill-water net. Knürr DCD is designed exclusively for sensible cooling, any dehumidification of the room by means of Knürr DCD should be avoided. The inclusive condensed water collection pan with a condensate drain is designed for short-time dewing only. Knürr DCD is especially suited for use in Knürr DCM server cabinets. This guarantees an optimal mechanical interface and appearance of the system in the Knürr design. The swivel joint allow particularly simple operation and safe assembly. The door can be opened up to an angle of 160°. Adaptor for 3rd party cabinets can also be selected to fit existing datacenter infrastructure.


– Improved PUE
– Suggested to be used in a cold-room concept
– Low pressure loss
– No fans
– Increased chilled water supply temperature
– Reliable operation guaranteed by water-conducting hinges

– Depth: 120mm (incl. hinges 150mm)
– Width: 600mm, 700mm, 800mm (DCD50 only available for 800mm)
– Cooling capacity: up to 50kW (suited for sensitive cooling only)
– Air pressure loss: 35Pa (at 4,900m³/h) for DCD 35 / 30Pa (at 6500m³/h) for DCD50
– Water pressure loss: 54kPa (at 5m³/h) for DCD35 / 68kPa (at 7.2kW) for DCD50
– Chilled water supply: 15°C
– Chilled water return: 21°C
– Server supply air temperature: 25°C @35kW for DCD35; @50kW for DCD50
– Chilled water volume flow: 5m³/h at 35kW / 7.2m³/h at 50kW
– Water connection: 1“ female thread from below (optionally from above)
– Condensate drain: 5/8“ (Note: Not for dehumidifying the installation area!)
– Absolute humidity/ room air: max. 8g water per 1 kg of air (others on request)
– Dew-point temperature: max. 10.5°C
– Material: Sheet steel
– Heat exchanger: Copper piping with aluminum lamellas
– Color/color code: X: 8 = RAL 7021 (black gray) / 1 = RAL 7035 (light gray)

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Knürr DCD is an air-water heat exchanger that is integrated into the rear door of a server cabinet. The heat exchanger serves to absorb heat loads from server racks of up to 50 kW. Knürr DCD is configurable with Knürr DCM cabinets or can be mounted to other vendor cabinets. The design of the heat exchanger permits an increase in the chilled water temperature.

Best Suited For:
– Banking, Financial and Insurance
– Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
– Education
– Government
– Healthcare
– Telecom

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