Studiu de caz: FAN Courier

Studiu de caz: FAN Courier

The context

To support the organic growth of the company in Romania, FAN Courier assessed they need to make a serious investment into building new facilities and upgrading their security protocols. Therefore, they started the construction of a warehouse and operational spaces with a higher IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, the leader of the Romanian courier industry needed a hi-tech data center that would keep customers’ information secure, thus delivering services based on best practices and recommendations.

FAN Courier approached GTS and Synotech/Innova in order to request a plan and a project that is aligned with the latest technology requests on the market. They needed to combine the highest level of efficiency with maximum reliability, in order to reflect the company’s vision.

In the end, the project was approved and implemented by Synotech/Innova engineers, having comprised all the requirements of a hi-performing data center. The team implemented modular solutions for fire detection and extinction systems, air distribution management, electrical installations, ventilation, and cooling.

The solutions

The Synotech/Innova engineering team came up with up-to-date, high-tech solutions, that would satisfy FAN Courier’s needs and requirements. Amongst those we can see below:

  • Schneider Romania rack enclosure, optimized for easy installations, managing cables, integrating power distribution and maximizing airflow.
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs) which determine the correct rack power needed for a specific network environment, also provided by Schneider.
  • A Schneider high-end thermal management system
  • Fire detection and extinction system provided by Tyco

“We consider our relationship with FAN Courier to be a synergistic partnership based on open dialogue and broader goals, part of a process that helped us both grow. I feel very honored when our customers rely on our depth and breadth of knowledge to help develop their business.” (Claudiu Popescu – Innova Engineering)


The Results

The solutions provided by the engineering team were meant to offer FAN Courier the required upgrades. The project was implemented on time and with the desired results.

At the moment, the Romanian provider had a modern data center, thus being able to conduct their business in the best manner possible, keeping their customers happy. The Synotech/Innova engineers currently provide maintenance and support whenever needed.

The technical expertise and the professionalism shown by the specialists of Synotech/Innova, together with the quality of the supplied equipment are the basis for a  long term collaboration. We are pleased to recommend Synotech/Innova’s services to anyone looking for the best.

About the Company

FAN Courier is the leading courier service in Romania since 2006 and a reliable partner of their clients.

Every night, the FAN Courier cars cross 78.500 kilometers, almost twice the length of the Equator, covering 105 routes over the entire country. They keep up with the new trends in technology, constantly investing in both new services with added value for customers and the development and improvement of those who represent them, couriers who care that all deliveries arrive in the best conditions at the destination.

Investments in IT in recent years, larger, modern local offices, training, and fleet renewal helped facilitate the process of sorting, transport, and forwarding, placing FAN Courier among the most modern domestic companies

The Summary

Company: FAN Courier

Solution: New Data Center based on best practices and recommendations

Industry: Courier; Delivery Service